Rapid Tool Laser Sintering, Boulder, Colorado


Laser Sintering will transform your CAD file into three-dimensional prototypes in nylon, glass-filled nylon, elastomer, or steel. Overnight!!

We can convert these same files into mold designs and fill your requirements for molded parts faster than ANYONE ELSE! Laser sintering also allows us to sinter short production runs of a few hundred pieces or less.

Email your CAD files to email@columbineplastics.com. With this data, we can create a part that can be produced in a matter of hours. During this process, the material you choose is selectively sintered (fused with heat) in layers of .002" to .007".

Utilizing Materialise Magics Software, the same file can be used to create mold cavity and core inserts in a 65% tool steel and 35% bronze matrix. These steel inserts are functionally equivalent to P-20, the most commonly used tool steel in the industry. Steel parts must be sintered in a kiln requiring an additional 24 hours.

Laser Sintering allows Rapid Tool to build molds in days instead of typical mold lead times of 8 to 12 weeks, reducing costs and saving time.