Rapid Tool Laser Sintering, Boulder, Colorado


- Build your prototypes. Overnight!
- Build production molds from laser-sintered tool steel in less time than anywhere else!
- Sinter short production runs of a few 100 pieces or more for your beta tests before committing to a final

- Full service company, committed to providing our customers the highest quality service.
- Fully equipped tooling department providing a complete range of precision machining services.

Advantages to Laser Sintering
Produce durable parts with precise detail that can be used for functional testing.


Living hinges, high-flex snaps, high stress and heat tolerance. Parts can be painted or electroless plated. Inserts can be heat staked or ultrasonically welded in place.


Parts produced within thousandths of an inch, which can be chased to even tighter tolerances, if needed, utilizing our fully equipped tool room.

Need Only A Few Parts?

Create the part you need, with the material you want, in the quantity you are looking for.

Variety of Materials

Capability to produce steel parts and tooling inserts, rigid thermoplastics, rubber-like elastomers, and wax-infiltrated polystyrene for patterns.

Overnight Delivery

You'll have a quote within 24 hours and parts FedEx'd within 2-3 days.

*Accuracy - While Laser Sintering can hold tighter tolerances than any other rapid prototyping technology, even it has its limits. All parts will be supplied “as sintered” unless the customer expressly indicates specific actual dimensions which must be held. These details will then be sintered “material safe” and the excess material will then be precision machined.

The following are representative tolerances for Rapid Tool materials:

LaserForm ST-100
LaserForm A6
DuraForm PA
DuraForm GF
1 Sigma
2 Sigma
Add + .003”/in to all dimensions