Rapid Tool Laser Sintering, Boulder, Colorado


Discrete Parts
When you need your parts right away call Rapid Tool. Using our Laser Sintering process we can build your parts overnight! When you can't wait for tooling or need an initial build of parts, we can sinter short production runs of a few hundred pieces or less. Rapid Tool can produce any shape or multiple parts in our 13 x 15 x 18 build chamber straight from you solid CAD file. Simply email your STL file to email@columbineplastics.com and in a matter of hours, we can create your part whether in nylon, glass-filled nylon, thermoplastic elastomer, or steel.

Laser sintered parts will perform almost like parts machined from nylon, urethane or 420 stainless steel. When you need only a few parts, Rapid Tool will create the part you need, with the material you want, saving you time and money.

LaserForm ST-100 - 420 Stainless Steel Parts or LaserForm A6 Premium Tool Steel
Parts made with either 420 stainless steel or A6 tool steel will shave weeks off of your development while reducing expense. Parts sintered with metal powder possess properties approaching those of machined tool steel, with better heat transfer. LaserForm parts meet or exceed the tolerances of parts made via investment casting. Look to LaserForm to outperform conventional machining or casting for the fast, cost-effective solution.

DuraForm PA & GF - Nylon 12 & Glass-Filled Nylon 12 Parts
Parts made with DuraForm nylon are strong, durable, and eliminate the need for costly tooling. These materials perform almost like conventional thermoplastic nylon, resisting heat while still retaining flexibility and physical properties. These qualities have made DuraForm ideal for parts ranging from small electrical connectors to large plastic enclosures for computer equipment.

SOMOS 201 - Elastomer Parts

Avoid tooling time and costs by using SOMOS 201 thermoplastic elastomer. SOMOS parts are both pliable and resilient. This rubberlike material is pressure resistant, chemical and temperature resistant, it is watertight and has excellent abrasion resistance. SOMOS 201 is an excellent choice when flexibility and durability are required.