Rapid Tool Laser Sintering, Boulder, Colorado


How We Do It

1. E-mail your STL file.

2. We enter your STL file into the SinterStation.

3. A layer of powdered material is spread. As the process begins, a precision roller mechanism automatically spreads a thin layer of powdered SLS material across the build platform.

4. Sinter a cross-section of the STL file. Using data from the STL file, a CO2 laser selectively draws a cross section. It selectively "sinters" (heats and fuses) the powder creating a solid mass that represents one cross section of the part.

5. Repeat. The system spreads and sinters layer after layer until the object is complete.

6. Remove the part. Once the part is complete, remove it from the part build chamber and blow away any loose powder.

7. Finish as desired. Use the part as is-or sand, anneal, coat, or paint it before using it for its intended application.

8. Fed Ex your parts to your door, typically within 2-3 days.
CO2 Laser
Laser/Optics/Scanning Mirror

Leveling Roller
Powder Bed

Build Chamber
Powder Cartridge

Build Chamber Dimensions