Rapid Tool Laser Sintering, Boulder, Colorado

LaserForm ST 100 - 420 Stainless Steel

This revolutionary material is a stainless steel-based powder, an excellent choice for making functional, durable metal prototypes, parts and tooling. With twice the thermal conductivity of steel it machines and welds like traditional metal!

Fast and Cost Effective
Producing prototypes, parts, and tooling with LaserForm and the SinterStation is fast and reduces the costs associated with casting, machining, skilled labor, and programming time. Rapid Tool will shave weeks off of your process while reducing expense! Whether your application is for mold inserts or discrete parts, LaserForm can be your best solution. The most complex designs can be rapidly produced without waiting for machining or casting.

Injection molders like LaserForm tooling because of its high thermal conductivity, which results in faster cycle times. LaserForm parts also meet or exceed the resolution and tolerance of metal parts made via investment casting. Finally, LaserForm objects are easily finished and polished with conventional machining methods.

Parts created from this metal powder have endured harsh environments, such as casting temperatures, welding, or highly corrosive environments.

For LaserForm ST-100 properties, click here.