Rapid Tool Laser Sintering, Boulder, Colorado

LaserForm A6 Tool Steel

LaserForm A6 steel is a groundbreaking new premium tool steel for Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) that will perform significantly better than previous sintered mold steels. This new steel grade is more durable, adaptive, and most importantly produces steel molds and parts of a much higher grade than ever before.

Why use LaserForm A6
SLS with LaserForm A6 provides never before seen benefits in the rapid tooling/prototyping fields. One of the greatest of these benefits is in it's application of mold making. The surface quality of SLS with A6 is superior to previous materials, ranging from 5-10mm Ra, and it has better corrosion resistance than conventional tool steels. Produce parts or tools from the system with polished surface hardness as high as 20 Rockwell C, or heat treat close to 40 Rockwell C for added wear resistance. The surface can be coated for even higher surface hardness.

Injection molders like LaserForm tooling because of its high thermal conductivity, which results in faster cycle times. LaserForm parts also meet or exceed the resolution and tolerance of metal parts made via investment casting. Finally, LaserForm objects are easily finished and polished with conventional machining methods. The increased hardness associated with A6 also produces molds that generate more precise parts, so that little or no trimming needs to be done post-molding.

Parts created from this metal powder have endured harsh environments, such as casting temperatures, welding, or highly corrosive environments.

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