Rapid Tool Laser Sintering, Boulder, Colorado


Nylon 12
Glass-Filled Nylon 12
Thermoplastic Elastomer
420 Stainless Steel
A6 Tool Steel

Rapid Tool will transform your STL file into three-dimensional durable, functional prototypes in nylon, glass-filled nylon, thermoplastic elastomer, polystyrene or steel.

We can create mold cavity and core inserts from a matrix of 65% stainless steel and 35% bronze in a fraction of the time required for machining and tooling processes.

Laser sintering allows us to sinter short production runs of a few hundred pieces or less.

LaserForm A6 - Premium Tool Steel
Steel Tools & Parts, Can be post process hardened close to 40 Rockwell C for additional strength and wearability.

LaserForm ST-100 - 420 Stainless Steel
Steel Tools & Parts, Excellent choice for making functional, durable metal prototypes, parts and tooling.

DuraForm Polyamide - Nylon 12 & Glass-Filled Nylon 12
Functional Plastic Prototypes - Ideal material for creating rugged, functional prototypes and parts.

SOMOS 201 - Thermoplastic Elastomer
Create functional, flexible prototypes and parts.