Rapid Tool Laser Sintering, Boulder, Colorado

Break free from the limitations of conventional machining by using Rapid Tool and our Laser Sintering process to build your prototypes. Rapid Tool can produce any shape straight from your solid CAD file. Email us your STL file to email@columbineplastics.com and in a matter of hours, we can create a rugged, functional prototype that will perform at field use levels of testing, including high temperatures and high currents, while still retaining its form.

We can cost-effectively create a prototype that would have previously required hundreds of hours to machine. Test design options and discover errors earlier in the process, when they are easier and less expensive to correct. Our functional prototypes can be made in nylon, glass-filled nylon, thermoplastic elastomer, polystyrene or steel!

Steel Prototypes
Shave weeks off of your development while reducing expense. Look to LaserForm ST-100 or A6 to outperform conventional machining or casting for the fast, cost-effective solution.

Plastic Prototypes
Prototypes made from DuraForm PA or GF stand up to aggressive testing, similar to production parts, without the cost of tooling. These thermoplastic prototypes are heat and chemical resistant, machinable, weldable and readily joined. By using prototypes made with nylon, you will get the same test results, allow for design changes, saving both time and money.

Rubberlike Prototypes
SOMOS 201 can produce prototypes that are both pliable and durable. This rubberlike material is pressure resistant as well as chemical and temperature resistant. It has excellent toughness, and prototypes can be custom colored.