Rapid Tool Laser Sintering, Boulder, Colorado

SOMOS 201 - Thermoplastic Elastomer

Create functional, flexible prototypes such as tubing, gaskets and discreet shapes from SOMOS 201 .

SOMOS is watertight, exhibits excellent burst strength, wear resistance, tear resistance, and surface finish. Our fully functional prototypes can be colored for “real-time” demonstrations.

• Durable
• Watertight
• Heat and Chemical Resistance
• Easily Sealed
• Colorable
• Excellent Abrasion Resistance
• Resilient

Laser sintered prototypes made with elastomer are faster and cheaper than cast prototypes. They speed up the design process by allowing for errors to be corrected early on. This material has been proven to stand up to aggressive field tests with excellent results.

This highly flexible material produces prototypes well suited for automobile parts from interior parts to engine parts due to the excellent resistance to high temperatures, water, engine oil or coolant. SOMOS has also found numerous uses in industrial and recreational applications, as well as casting molds for numerous casting materials.

By utilizing our laser sintering process, Rapid Tool can save you time and money, especially when production requirements are small.

Rapid Tool has been able to successfully alter certain physical properties of laser sintered SOMOS, so if your ideal needs vary from data sheet properties, contact our applications engineers and we will do our best to fulfill your precise requirements.

For SOMOS 201 properties, click here.